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Eligibility Requirements


  • At least 18 years of age
  • Currently unemployed

The Georgia Department of Labor’s One Stop Career Centers provide the following services for all adult job seekers: exploration of career options and planning and conducting a job search.  The staff of the Career Centers assist you with preparation of a resume and/or completion of job applications.  If the above services do not result in employment you may qualify for additional training supported by the Coastal Workforce Investment Board to improve your skill so you can qualify for a broader range of job openings.  To determine if you qualify for training support you must contact a One Stop Career Center and speak with a job counselor.  The links below provide additional information about eligibility, unemployment benefits, and locations of One Stop Career Centers.

One Stop Career Center Locations


Dislocated Worker Criteria

  • Laid off or terminated
  • Lost job because of plant closure or impending plant closure
  • Lost job due to a substantial layoff 
  • Previously self-employed but no longer working
  • Stay at home parent who must return to the workforce
  • Employed laid off worker earning substantially less than in previous job